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Vehicle Istamara Renewal – Saudi Arabia

Isamara Renewal (Vehicle Registration ) – Saudi Arabia

The validity of istamara (Vehicle Registration) is three years in KSA. After 3 years you need to renew your Istamara. Absher (MOI) is an online portal to renew your Istamara for this first you need to have Absher Account.

For registration or renewal the isamara you must have following data/documents with you.

Registration in Absher (MOI) Saudi Arabia.

First step is you need to have an Absher account. if you are not registered in Absher. Its easy to create the absher account.

Pay the Renewal Fee For Istimara ( Vehicle Registration).

Absher doesn’t start the service unless you have deposited the renewal fee. The istimara renewal charges are 300 Saudi Riyals in 2020. Before the cost was 150 riyals, you can deposit it using your online bank account, ATM or through Sadad account.

Pay All Traffic Penalties.

If you have any traffic violation penalty is past and still its not paid. So pay them first. you can check in your absher account how much penalty amount is due on you. If there is no penalty, you are good to go further step. you can also pay these penalties by ATM machine of the bank you are having account.

Istamara Validity.

You can update your istamara by absher only if it is is going to expire in 180 days. The expire of the istamara is given on the card, also you can check in your absher account.

Perform The Fahas.

Fahas is a procedure to check your vehicle is fit to go road or its having any technical issues. You must need the Fahas approval before renewal of istamara. For this you can go to any Fahas center to get your vehicle inspection certificate. If there are issues in your vehicle, they will let you know. Then you will have to fix those issues in order to get Fahas approval.

Vehicle Insurance.

AT the time of renewal of istamara you must have valid vehicle insurance. Many insurance companies are selling vehicle Insurance online.

After complete all the requirements, you can login to your Absher (MOI) Account.

Then Click on Vehicle Information.

On the New Open Window, your Vehicle name will be given. Tap on your Vehicle name.

Now you will see all the details of your vehicle. Vehicle registration number, Istamara Expiry date. Scroll Down, you will find Renew Vehicle Registration Option.

On the next step renewal service will start checking vehicle details. and then in the new window tap on confirm Vehicle registration.
In the next window it will appear successful vehicle registration.

You will also see a confirmation message on your mobile phone.