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Vehicle Istamara Renewal – During Curfew Period

The Traffic police department in Saudi Arabia has announced that, those who’s vehicle registration (Istamara) is about to expire can renew their vehicle registration ( Istamara) online by Absher account without Motor Vehicle Periodic Insertion (MVPI- Fahas) certificate.

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You just need to pay vehicle registration renewal fees by your online bank account or by any nearest ATM machine and then login to your absher account and renew your Vehicle Registration (Istamara).
Before renewal you must get vehicle insurance. You can purchase vehicle insurance online on internet.

The traffic department confirm that this initiative is taken as a part of efforts undertaken by government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to face the consequences of pandemic of COVID-19. And to ensure the health and safety of citizens and residents in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This Information is announced by Traffic Police Department Saudi Arabia.