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This is How Saudi Arabia is Fighting Against COVID-19

We would like to thank the Government of Saudi Arabia, Doctors, Paramedical staff, Security departments and Food authorities. They way Saudi Arabia is taking preventive actions to Combat the COVID-19 spread, Its incredible. We have never seen Doctors and nurses teams sitting on the roads with their testing equipment and laptops, conducting testing of every individual and maintaining data and isolating patients. Saudi Arabia was the first country who took the initiative to give the treatments free of charge to all citizens and residents and illegal immigrates.

Security departments are working day and night to control the movement for the health of safety of the nation. No mater the weather is extremely hot or its raining there are standing on the roads and check every individual.

Food Department is ensuring the supply of food in every market even every small shop. That’s why we didn’t face any clips and footage of people fight for food out side the markets.