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The Period of extending Validity of Exit Re-Entry Visas are Expired

Passport office in Saudi Arabia (Jawazat) Explained that the period of extending the exit re-entry visa for the beneficiaries has expired, which was extended for 3 months due to Corona Virus in Saudi Arabia.
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The Jawazat via its Twitter account explained that the validity of exit re-entry visas for beneficiaries within the Kingdom who have commercial professions has been extended by adding three months to the validity period of the visas that have expired, from 25-Feb-2020, until 24-May-2020
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About those whose exit re-entry visa expired while outside the Kingdom, the Jawazat stated that the resumption of the mechanism for extending the exit re-entry visa will be announced after the end of the crisis of the new Corona pandemic, knowing that in the event of new decisions or instructions issued, they will be announced through official channels.