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Taraweeh, Eid prayers to be performed at home

Saudi Arabia Grand Mufti ( مفتي المملكة ) said people will have to perform prays, Taraweeh And Eid Prayers at home to prevent the spread of corona Virus.

The Grand Mufti was responding to the people queries ahead of Ramadan which start next week.

He said it is not possible to perform Taraweeh prayer at mosque this year due to precautionary measures taken by authorities to fight against the spread of new corona virus. People will have to perform them at home to obtain virtue of the praying during the blessed nights of Ramadan.

He Said it has been established that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed these prayers at home too. Current situation of pandemic making it impossible to perform Eid prayer at mosque too. People will have to perform Eid prayer at home too.