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Smokers will be fined for Smoking in Prohibited Areas

A fine of 200 Saudi riyals will be imposed on a person who smokes in places where it is prohibited, as per the executive director of communication and awareness at the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) reported in Saudi Gazette.
Smoking is not allowed in companies and factories supervised by Saudi Food & Drug Authority, Smoking is also banned in places allocated for manufacturing, preparing and packaging food and beverages and warehouses which store medicines or food stuff.

Companies and facilities where the Saudi Food & Drug Authority anti smoking law have been implemented will face fines in between 5000 Saudi riyals and 20,000 Saudi riyals for every violation of the rules.

Smoking is also prohibited in transporting Vehicles of medicines, medical equipment, foodstuff and beverages. Anti smoking regulations is also applicable on mobile medical clinics, health centers, labs, pharmacies and other related facilities.