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Saudi Flag Shines on Highest Mountain in Switzerland

The famous Switzerland Mountain was shinning when it was illuminated with beautiful green flag of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to recognize the Saudi efforts to help other countries to fight against this pandemic.

With this fantastic and unique illumination, Switzerland intends to monument a symbol of hope. The Switzerland is sharing solidarity with the ones currently suffering and intends to show huge gratitude towards everyone helping day for day to overcome this crisis.
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Saudi Arabia is also suffering from Corona pandemic and in the same time helping many poor countries to strengthen them against the fight of spread of corona virus. In such crises Saudi Arabia grant 500 Million Dollar funds to WHO to support medical system in poor countries. 500 Million Dollar grant was issued Yemen. Similarly a huge grant issued for Palestine.

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Extra ordinary initiatives taken for the expatriates living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Making the Corona Virus treatment completely free of cost for all the citizens, expatriates and also for illegal immigrants.