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Saudi children say goodbye to lockdown

After more than two months in lockdown, families and children in Saudi Arabia are enjoying a return to normal activities as coronavirus restrictions are eased around the Kingdom.

But while some parents have lingering worries about their children’s health, for youngsters it is a different story.
Eight-year-old Sara Issam, of Makkah, told Arab News that she was excited to finally visit a nearby mini-market with her elder brother as she used to do every Eid. “I had to wear a face mask and be careful where I put my hands, but I was happy to buy all those sweets using my Eidiyah (money gifted to children in Eid),” she told Arab News.

From Sunday, children under 15 will be allowed entry to public areas, such as malls, restaurants and cafes.
However, entertainment centers and children’s play areas, as well as cinemas, will remain closed until June 20.