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Saudi child died after COVID-19 test swab stick Breaks in his nose

Recently a very tragic incident was reported from Saudi Arabia Shaqwra General hospital. A small Saudi boy who was taken to the hospital died just in just 24 hours after reaching the hospital. The reason for his death was the breakage of the nasal swab stick inside his nose.
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How did this happen?
The child was admitted to the hospital after his parents noticed an increase in his body temperature. The boy was suffering from high fever and he was sent to undergo a Covid-19 test to examine whether he is infected with the virus or not.

While taking the sample the cotton swab stick broke inside the nose of the boys after which the doctors had no other option than performing general anesthesia on the boy to extract the broken swab stick from his throat.

What caused him to lose his life?
The father of the child Abdullah Al Joufan mentioned the details of the tragic incident that made him lost his son. He narrated that he was refusing to perform general anesthesia on his son but the doctors insisted to do so because there was no other option to remove the broken cotton swab from his throat.