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Saudi Arabia Receive 1 Million Chloro-quine Tablets from Pakistan

Saudi Arabia is going to receive 1 million Chloro-quine tablets from Pakistan to use for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The Prime Minster of Pakistan approve at least 9 million million Chloro-quine tablets to help other countries in difficult time of pandemic. Many countries are recommending the effectiveness of this tablet against COVID-19

Chloro-quine is primarily uses to prevent and treat Malaria but doctors also claimed its effectiveness against respiratory illness caused by Corona Virus.
Many Countries like United States and United Kingdom have used the medicine to treat COVID-19 patients and demand of this medicine has increased.

Pakistan will send 9 Million tablets of Chloro-quine tablets to these countries.
Saudi Arabia —— 1 Million Tablets
United Kingdom —— 5 Million Tablets
United States —— 1 Million Tablets
Turkey —— Half Million Tablets
Italy —— Half Million Tablets
Qatar —— 300,000
Kazakhstan —— 700,000