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Saudi Airline denied resuming flight operations

In last few days rumors was circulation on internet about the saudi airlines has announced the time frame to resumes flight operation.
An official source of Saudi Airline has denied the news about flight operation are on schedule as usual.

It was said by Saudi Airline officials that it is too early to expect the specific date to ease the procedures and restrictions on air travel.
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Earlier it was in news that Saudi does not expect flight operation till the end of this year. And Airline has asked to many Cabin Crew to suspend the work contract from this month till the end of the year 2020.

Flight operation back to routine, completely depend on the pandemic situation in the world. Currently some flights are operating only to bring the citizens back to the Kingdom.
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It was asked that if pandemic situation get better in Kingdom, the flight operations will be resumes ?
In that case only domestic flight operations can be resumed.
But international flight operation depends on the pandemic status of both countries, one is Saudi Arabia and second where the flight is going.
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Philippine airline announced that they will start operation for Saudi Arabia in may if Saudi government allow. In other cases they will come here without any passenger and take passengers from here back to their country. For both cases Saudi Government authorization is required
Philippine Airlines plans to resume some flights in May

Saudi Arabia still didn’t allow any other line from other countries to fly to Saudi Arabia. As mentioned that it will depend on the pandemic situation in that country. Government is already working to make arrangements with other countries, if they wanna to return back their nationals from saudi Arabia. In that case that country can bring their own flight and take their nationals. But still this decision is under discussion, once it will be approved the details will be announced.
Reference to Saudi Gazette