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Salaries Deduction (Article 41)

It has been reported by many workers that companies management start taking signatures from employees on a document of deduction of salaries according to Article 41, implemented my Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Article 41 is a new law, implemented according to current situation as most of the companies across the kingdom was complaining that they cannot give the salaries to their employees because of no work and on the same time there are heavy expense on Iqama and other documents of expats.

To resolve this issue Ministry implement the article 41. As per Article 41 companies can take 3 steps with with consent of their employees.
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  • They can send you on long vocation without salary. And this leave will be calculated from your annual leave.
  • They can let employees stay home on local leave without salary if employee agreed.
  • They can reduce worker wages according to his working hours.

Lot of companies reduce the salaries of their employees as per working hours they are working and taking agreement signature from their employees.
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If some one will not sign ?

If the employees are not agreed on deduction of salary so companies can tell them to stay home without salary. In that case employees can contact with Ministry of Labor.
But we would like to inform all expats, don’t take such step. As this initiative is temporary due companies have no work. because of curfews and pandemic. And secondly if you take this step ministry will not force to the companies because they don’t have work. and without having work companies never pay any employee.
In such case companies can avail one of other 2 options.

We would suggest you to cooperate with the companies as we all are working for this country and and earning. Now there is tough time for every one so we have to cooperate.

This does not prejudice the worker’s right to terminate the work contract. If some worker wants to resign, he can but employers will not force any worker to terminate to contract.

This step is taken to mitigate the economic impact on private sector and to achieve the public interest of employer and worker.