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Register Absher Account (2020)

It is important to have an Absher account if you are living in Saudi Arabia. As thing is shifting to digital world so every expat should register on absher account after receiving his Iqama. If you are not register on Absher account you will not be able to use many services, for example you cannot check your Iqama validity status, Family Visa extension, you cannot open a bank account in KSA and as below.

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Create Absher Account.

To create an Absher account you need to follow the given steps.

1- To make an Absher account Open this Link ( https://www.absher.sa )

2- Select “Individual” and change the language as per your requirement.

3- Select “New User” Under the login section in the left side.

4- User registration form will be open. enter your Iqama number and mobile number and remaining required details. Mobile number should be issue under your Iqama number.
5- Choose your user name and password and Password Must be at least 8 characters long. Must contain a capital character, Must contain a lowercase character , Must contain a numeric character. As Bellow

6- After fill out the form check the Box of terms and conditions and select next.

7 – Once you click the next button, a new window will be open which required verification code. Check your Mobile phone a verification code of four digits will be sent on your mobile number (Which you add in the form) by the Ministry of Interior(MOI). Type this 4 digit code in the next window. And then press Register button.

8- In the next window follow the on screen instruction, and your registration is completed . A message will appear
” Congratulations! You have registered an Absher account successfully “

Activation of Absher Account

There are three different way to activate your Absher Account.
1- By Absher Koisk Machine ( Located on many places in each city)
2- By ATM machine of your bank account.
3- By internet banking account.

Activation by Absher Koisk Machine

1- Go to Absher Koisk Machine – Choose your Language (Arabic or English).
2- Enter you Iqama number.
3- Place your index finger of right hand on finger print reader.
4- Place your index finger of left hand on finger print reader.
5- Enter your Mobile Number which you use for registration.
6- Enter SMS code, which you received by MOI.
Your Absher account is activated and now you can use online services.

Absher Machine is Installed at many locations, like Hyper Markets – Shopping Malls, Airports , Passport offices in each city.

Activation By ATM Machine.

1- Go to ATM machine of your bank account.
2- Enter your ATM card – Select other Options.
3- Select MOI Portal (Ministry of Interior)
4- Follow the steps to complete the activation process.

Activation By Internet Banking Account.

There can be miner difference in options and procedure of every bank Internet banking service. There are the common steps you can try to find in your account to activate Absher account.

1- Login to your internet bank account.
2- Click on services section, you will find “Register in Absher” Select it.
3- Read the services description and press “Accept”
4- Follow the next steps as guided in your internet banking portal.