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Philippine Airlines plans to resume some flights in May

Philippine Airline announced that its planning to resume some international and domestic flight operations in may.

The airline authorities said its plan to operate number of weekly flights to to Japan – United States – Canada – UK – Singapore – Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam – Malaysia – Indonesia – China – Hong Kong – Macau – Taiwan – Saudi Arabia and South Korea in may.

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The airline said we are in coordination with all these countries to bring our citizens back to Philippine. Once its finalized the details of the flights will be shared on its website.

They also announced it would be possible when these countries also accept the flight operation and lift the air travel bane. In case of lift the restrictions on air travel to these countries normal flight operation can be resumed. But in other cases we are trying to coordinate to start one way flight operation to bring our citizens back in Philippine.
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Many airlines around the world have suspended most or even all of their services due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Philippine Airlines said it “has never experienced a complete disruption of this scale, with the exception of World War II” in its nearly 80 years of operation.
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