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One Food – Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development launched the first initiatives of community fund under the name of “Our Food is One” which aim to help all affected families in all regions of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to outbreak of corona virus. Ministry has started distributing them food baskets, it was started with 250 million riyal for the first stage. More than 142,000 food baskets were distributed to families of citizens and residents.
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Through this initiative, Ministry seeks to help most vulnerable groups affected by corona virus, the poor families, people with disabilities, widows, divorced women, prisoners families and the elderly people. We are ensuring their stability and providing them a decent living for them and assisting them to in overcoming in this crises.
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It is Mentioned that His Excellency the Minister if Human Resources and Social Development had launched earlier the community fund, supported by the ministry and number of entities with a capital of 500 million riyals.