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Not Returned to Saudi Arabia after Exit Re-Entry

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia revealed the possibility of the exit re-entry visa holder, who left Saudi Arabia and does not come back in the prescribed time.
Jawazat interacted with one of the Twitter user, who asked about the possibility of returning his brother, who has been absent from work since 2016, on a new visa.

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The Jawazat responds that if any expat ” who left on exit re-entry visa and did not return will be denied entry for a period of 3 years, He can come back if the same company offer him a new visa where he was working before leaving the country. Other wise he will have to wait for 3 years to enter in Saudi Arabia again.

Earlier, Jawazat said that, those who exited Saudi Arabia on final exit visa can return to the Kingdom once the entry procedures are completed with 2 conditions.

First condition is the final exit is regular one and there are no violations on him, then he can enter the Kingdom after completing the entry procedures.