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Non Saudi Can Buy House in Saudi Arabia | Expats can buy property in Saudi Arabia

Non-Saudis, who are legal residents of the Kingdom, can now own a single property. The Absher platform has set out three requirements that must be fulfilled by expatriates in order to buy a property in the Kingdom.

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The platform explained with the support of infographics that the service enables residents to apply for a permit to own a property within the Kingdom, enumerating the following three coditions.

1 — The foreigner should have a valid and unexpired residency ID (Muqeem).

2 — The resident must provide all information about the property along with a copy of the title deed.

3 — He or she should not have another property in the Kingdom.

Absher stated that the service can be availed by accessing “My Services” (Khidmaty) on the Absher platform, then entering “Services” (Khidmat), then “General Services” (Al-Khidmatul Aamma), and from there to “Application for owning real estate for non-Saudis”.