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New Protocols to Follow for Domestic Workers

The following are the details of Domestic Labor Protocols (Hourly) :
Hygiene and Health Tips :

1 — Workers must wear a mask (cover mouth and nose) before starting work.
2 — They must stick to washing hands frequently, especially before work begins and after its end for at least 40 seconds or use hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds in cases of no soap and water available.
3 — Workers should pay attention to personal hygiene.
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4 — Clothes should be washed immediately after the end of the work period and allocate work clothes, which would not used for sleeping or other work.
5 — The domestic workers operating company must provide face masks and hand sanitizer before the start of work.
6 — The buses of workers must be cleansed daily before and after they move to their workplace.

7 — The operating company must implement health requirements regarding employee housing (Refer health requirements manual for worker from National Center for Disease Prevention and Control.
8 — The workers operating company must check the temperature daily and ask them about any symptoms of coughing, fever and record a special record on daily basis.
9 — A daily record must be maintained at the number of locations of visits made by workers and the name of the driver to be referred to in the case of epidemiological investigation.