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New Oil Prices

Saudi Aramco announced the new prices for gasoline in Saudi Arabia, the new prices are effective from 11 June 2020 until 10th July 2020. As per earlier announcement the company will announce new Oil price on 10th of Every month.
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The new Gasoline prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starting from Today are
Gasoline 91 : 0.90 SR per liter (Earlier 0.67 SR)
Gasoline 95 : 1.08 SR per liter (Earlier 0.82 SR)
Diesel : 0.47 SR per liter (Earlier 0.47 SR)
Kerosene : 0.64 SR per liter (Earlier 0.64 SR)
LPG : 0.75 SR (Earlier 0.75 SR)

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