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New Medicine for COVID-19 Patients

The World Health Organization has stated the success of oxford university research in treating new corona virus cases of serious infection with a cheap and widely available drug ‘dexamethasone’, as scientific achievement.
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The drug can help in saving the lives of patients who are seriously sick with corona virus, According to the WHO director general, Tiedros Adhano, the drug is first proven treatment that reduces deaths among Covid-19 patients who need artificial ventilators.
WHO said it is looking forward to a full analysis of the data during the coming days to increase understanding of the treatment and update its guidance on how to use it with infected.

The drug reportedly cut the risk of death by 1/3 for patients on ventilators, for those who are on oxygen, it cut deaths by 1/5. Hospital patients should now be given it without delay, but people should not go out and buy it to take at home said Prof. Landry.

About 2104 patients were given 6mg of the drug once a month orally, on intravenous injection for 10 days, the results and comparing them, scientists found that over 28 days. The death rate was patients who need ventilation via ventilators 41% and for those who need oxygen was in the range of 25%.