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More Strict Curfew Imposed in 6 Districts of Madinah

An Official source of Ministry of Interior stated that, on the recommendation of authorities of health department, Ministry decided to take more preventive and precautionary measures in order to preserve the health and safety of the citizens and residents. And based on health department recommendations going to strengthen the procedures and measures of prevention. It was decided as follows:
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1-First, prevent moving around and ensure not leaving the homes in the neighborhoods (Al-Sherbat, Bani Dhafar , Qarban, Al-Jumuah, Al Askan, Bani Khadra ) in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, starting on Friday 17 Shaaban 1 4 4 1 corresponding to 10-April-2020 until another notice.

2-Second, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development provides food baskets and supplies and other supply items and follow up their need and regular bases.
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3-Third, the Ministry of Health will provide the Medicine and medical services.

4-Fourth: Allowing home delivery services to work during the full time curfew period, while observing the necessary health requirements under the supervision of regional authorities.
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5-Fifthly, the Ministry of Interior affirms to all residents of the above mentioned neighborhoods that this measure is one of the precautionary measures necessary to preserve public health and adhere to the isolation measures to achieve the public interest

Information announced by Ministry of Interior and Public Security Department.