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Ministry Of Human Resources Giving Food Baskets to Needy People

As earlier it was announced by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development that government has allocated a fund of 250 Million SAR to provide to food to needy people during the crises period of Corona Virus. Any one who is effected by current situation and cannot afford his food necessity, he/she can contact on ministry help line number (19911) to request a food basket. You can also request by filling out the online form.

Government took this imitative to help the most affected community by the threat of epidemic of new corona virus, such is poor people, people with disabilities, widows, divorced women, prisoners families, and elderly people to ensure the stability of their conditions and provide the a decent living and to support them to over come the crises. In the first stage more the 42,000 food baskets was distributed to the families in need both the citizens and residents.