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International Flights Reopen – Procedure Before Travelling

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia announced the resumption of international flights from 3rd January 2021, 11 AM, Entry into the Kingdom from land and sea also resume with the below specified controls.
The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia announced that, The Kingdom’s government is decided to lift the precautionary measures related to the spread of a new variant of coronavirus (Covid-19), the resumption of all international flights for travelers, entry to the Kingdom through land and sea ports from Jan 3, 2021 by the morning 11:00 A.M. taking into consideration the following:

1 — Entry into the Kingdom for expatriates coming from the United Kingdom and South Africa and from any other country being specified by the Ministry of Health, in which the new variant of the novel coronavirus is spread, However they should spend 14 days in the country in which the new coronavirus variant is spread before entering into the Kingdom, after the expiration of this period, they must take (PCR) test proving that they are COVID-19 infection free.

2 — Citizens who are allowed to enter into the Kingdom for humanitarian and urgent cases coming from countries where the new coronavirus variant is spread, shall be quarantined, as stated in paragraph (1 ) above, in their homes under observance for a period of 14 days, with two (PCR) tests, the first shall be carried out after arrival within 48 hours and the second before ending the quarantine on the 13th day.

Countries in which cases of the strain were registered, those coming from them shall be quarantined in their homes under observance for a period of (7) days, with PCR test, before the end of the quarantine period on the 6th day.

The rest of other countries, the procedures currently followed shall be applied, 7 days mandatory home quarantine as a maximum or 3 days at least, with a mandatory laboratory test using the (PCR) technology.