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Important Notice About Curfew

Ministry of Interior Spokes person conduct a media conference in which he clarify 3 main points which was missing in earlier announcement. People had confusion about commercial business opening and movement between cities. commercial transport inside cities. And all those cities will Remain under curfew which was under 24 hour curfew earlier.

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1 — You cannot travel between one region to other region. In Saudi Arabia there are 13 regions and in each region there are many cities and you cannot exit from one region and enter in other region.
2 — Public Transport will remain closed, including bus services and taxi services.
3 — These are some cities where you cannot enter in or exit from. (Riyadh – Dammam – Madinah – Tabuk – Dahran – Hauf )

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4 — There are the districts you cannot enter in or exit from . (Jeddah – Taif – Qatif – Khober – Samtha)

Its also have been said by Health Minister that Lifting the curfew partially does not mean that the danger has passed. The danger is still present, as the virus is spreading in various countries of the world and in all regions of the Kingdom.
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He also added : I remind to all the citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia that we are all responsible. Everyone must wear a mask when they leave their houses to keep the infection from spreading. So I ask you all to abide by that.