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Important Checks Before Going to Car Fahas Inspection (MVPI)

Fahas is a certificate which allows that the vehicle is good to drive on the road. Fahas certificate is important to ensure your safety and safety of other drivers on the road. Many people when they go for Fahas (MVPI) they face failure to get Fahas certificate because of some major or minor issues in their vehicle. Below is the list of few checks you need to perform before go for Fahas (MVPI) to get the Fahas certificate in the first attempt.

Steps you need to follow.

1 — Inspect your car outer body and Lights by your self.
2 — Any major dent need to fixed.
3 — Any Major Paint removed need to be fixed.
4 — Front and back bumpers should be fixed properly.
5 — There shouldn’t be any damage on the front, rear and doors glass.
6 — Wipers and Lights should be functioning.
7 — Check tyres are in good condition.
9 — Car should be washed properly body and underneath the car.
10 — Check underneath the car – there shouldn’t be any leakage.
11 — Visit some good mechanic to check any kind of mechanical or electrical issue. or any major sound while driving.
12 — Check breaks working properly.
13 — Car Balancing and alignment test.

Some times people suggest to go to mechanic after Fahas (MVPI) test, in case of failure. Becuase if your vehicle couldn’t pass the inspection. you will get a list of issues in which need to be fixed and then if you go to mechanic he will fix those issues. and then again you will follow the complete procedure of Fahas (MVPI), fees and waiting in the line few hours.

So we would suggest to perform all these steps before go to Vehicle Inspection.