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How to Transfer Car Ownership in Saudi Arabia

If you want to buy a used car in Saudi Arabia you can transfer the owner the owner ship to your name online by fulfilling some requirements.
Before starting the process of vehicle ownership transfer, it is important for both seller and buyer to check the traffic fines in Absher portal. You must have to clear all panelists before transferring the vehicle ownership.
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Step 1 – Transfer Car Ownership Requirements

These are some Basic requirements to transfer the car ownership.

1– Seller should provide Vehicle MVPI pass certificate. Currently MVPI not Required Because of Curfew.
2– The Original Istamara (Registration) of the Vehicle.
3– Valid Iqama of the Buyer & Seller.
4– Valid Driving Licence of the Buyer.
5— Insurance should be purchased by buyer of the vehicle.

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Step 2 – Visit Maroor (Traffic Police) Office.

Once buyer and seller are agreed on the price and personal terms and condition. Both should visit the Maroor office (In Vehicle Market Area – which is called Maraz) to start the process of transfer of vehicle ownership. Following steps will be performed.

1– Police will verify the documents of both buyer and seller.
2– Fees of Transferring car ownership (400 SAR) will be paid buy buyer.
3– Buyer will have to purchase vehicle insurance. Insurance cost depend on what type of insurance buyer wanted to purchase. Usually Vehicle insurance cost is between 500 to 1500.
4– The Police officer will put the information of vehicle and seller and buyer documents details in the system.
5– Once done – buyer and seller both will receive confirmation message of transfer of ownership of vehicle by Ministry of Interior (MOI).
6– The police office will provide a stamp documents to buyer, which confirms that vehicle registration in on his name.

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Get New Registration Card ( Istamara)

1– The new owner of the car need to visit another Maroor office in city area to get the printed Istamara card (Vehicle Registration Card) .
2– He should present the stamped vehicle ownership documents which he received from previous police station.
3– Present Original Iqama and Original Licence.
4– A new card will printed and handed over to new owner of the car.