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How to go out during Curfew in case of emergency – Saudi Arabia

Call – 911

Saudi General Security Department said that during curfew you can go out in case emergency. Such emergency or such health issue which can cause the death. Or in case if some robber entered in your house. Or if your any family members lives with and he didn’t returned back home and you want to go out to find him (Like if your kids were out and they didn’t returned back home).

Even for such issues you will have to call General Security Department at 911. You have to explain your situation that why you want to go out. If they will accept your situation they will send approval message on your mobile number then you can go out.

or your can download the Application from iOS or Android (Kolona Amn)

Below you can see the Video how the department is working 24 hours to take your call and resolve the issues.