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How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Saudi Arabia

On internet you can find lot of companies selling the vehicle insurance at different prices but the good and you can compare the prices between 2 to three companies and buy the insurance. But now the good thing is you can use insurance calculator to compare 100’s of insurance providers on online portal and which one is suitable you can purchase.

You can use this portal in any city of saudi arabia and get the suitable insurance for your car. Let’s start the procedure.

1 — Open the Insurance Calculator (Tammeni) www.tameeni.com/en .
2 — Click on Login Button on top right corner.
3 — In the new opened window you can see (Sign up here) under the big sign in button. Click Sign up
4 — Create your account using your mobile number, email and password and click signup button.
5 — You will get a OTP code on your mobile, insert that code in the next window. once you insert it you account will be verified.

6 — Once your account verified. Refresh the current page or go to this link again. https://www.tameeni.com/en
7 — Now you can select you want Third Party insurance or Comprehensive insurance for your car, in this section add your Iqama Number, Select that day you want you insurance should be effective, and select your date of birth and click the buy button.

8 — In the next section you have to add some detail. Purpose of Vehicle, Vehicle Estimated cost, Vehicle Sequence Number, Marital status, occupation, Education, Licence type, Children below 16, Entity name and location.
9 — Vehicle Sequence number is written on your Istamara on the last line.
10 — Estimated car value, you don’t need to add if want third party vehicle insurance, But if you want to make comparison between third party insurance and comprehensive insurance you need to add this.
11 — After adding all the information select continue button at the right bottom side.

12 — In the next step you will get the list of Third party insurance and comprehensive insurance of many insurance companies with their price offering for your car.
13 — You can see 10% discount given by every insurance, its because i don’t have any accident history on my Iqama in the last year.
14 — If you want you can choose any one of these – click on select.

15 — In case you want to check the cheapest comprehensive insurance using car insurance calculator in Saudi Arabia , Click on the comprehensive tab and the list of comprehensive insurance provider will bi visible in front of you with prices of every individual company they are offering.
16 — Here you have select the deductible Choice. Deductible choice means if you have any accident or in case of any claim, this amount will be paid by you. If you reduce the price of deductible you can check impact on insurance cost they are offering.

17 — Select any of this available insurance companies from TPL (Third Party) or Comprehensive.
18 — Once you select it will show you the complete detail of that insurance company which select from Vehicle insurance calculator.
19 — You can see the total Price and now you have to pay the amount.
20 — Select your Payment Method (Visa or Master or Mada) and enter your card details or IBAN number or SADAD to pay the Insurance.

21 — Once the payment is done you will get a message from Tameeni, Car Insurance Company and also from Maroor of the confirmation that vehicle insurance is successfully done.