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How to get driving license in Saudi Arabia

If you are new in Saudi Arabia, you can apply for driving license once you get your Iqama. Applying for new driving license in Saudi Arabia you need to go to Dalah (Driving School) in the city where you live.

There are Two Cases.
1- You have driving license from your country.
2- You don’t have driving license from your country.

If you already have driving license (Translation must required) they will not send you for 1 weeks classes and take only an initial test and if you pass you will be directly send for final test for Car Driving and parking test and also the road signs test on computer.

If you don’t have driving license from your country or you couldn’t pass the initial trial, you will have to take the classes of road signs and traffic laws of Saudi Arabia also hands on training on vehicle for 5 to 7 days and then you will be send for final test.

Documents Requirement

1 — Murror Form for driving License – You can also get it for free they will stamp it.
2 — Valid Iqama Photocopy & Keep Original with you.
3 — Photocopy of Passport (Front Page and Visa Page)
4 — Driving License of your native country with Arabic Translation – You can get driving license translation in Arabic from any agent near driving school in 20 to 30 SAR.
5 — Four passport size photographs with white background
6 — Blood Group Test and Eye sight test from Efada approved medical center. If you don’t know the hospital. Go to driving school without this, They will refer you to the some hospital and some driving schools have this test facility inside the school. Cost of the test is 150 SAR.


1 — You need to take all above mentioned documents with you to nearest DALAH (Driving School) in your city.
2 — You can get the form from any nearest shop and they can fill this form for you and make a complete file with above mentioned documents attachment and charge you almost 20 – 30 SAR
3 — Take your file and go inside the driving school.
4 — If you don’t have your medical test with you, they will send you for this or conduct this inside driving school medical center. as mentioned above.
5 — Then they will send you for Initial try.
6 — Initial try will be conducted for both even if you have native driving licence or not. But if you already declare that you don’t know driving, they will directly send you for classes.
6 — If you pass the Initial Try you will be sent for final test and you will have to pay 100 SAR as driving school fees.
7 — If you couldn’t pass initial try you will be sent for taking admission in driving school and you have to pay 535 SAR ( 435 for driving training and 100 SAR for road signs computer test training. ) —- Once driving school training is complete your instructor will send you for final test.

Final Driving Test

In final driving test you will have to drive in zigzag path, 8 Shape Path , Round About Path. You will have to park the car properly by reverse parking technique.

Final Computer Test ( Road Signs)

Road signs and traffic laws test will be conducted on computer screen. there will 20 questions and you have to give correct answer of at least 15 questions. You have margin of 5 mistakes. When ever you make first 6 mistakes computer test will be closed automatically.

Get License Card

Once you pass both driving tests you will have to pay the driving license fees to get the card.
1 – For 5 years card you need to pay 200 SAR.
2 – For 10 Years Card you need to pay 400 SAR.

submit your final file on the counter to get the card. They will check all the details and payment slip and print the License card for you.


Don’t involve agents in the process, Mostly the do fraud. You will pay them for the license and in result you will get the fake driving license card.