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How to Check your Exit Re-Entry Expiry Date

All the expats live in Saudi Arabia, when they want to back to their home country for vocation its important for them to take exit re-entry visa from their company or Kafeel. Once the Exit Re-entry Visa is issued you can utilize it within 3 months. (For Example : If you get your exit re-entry today and your vocation is for 2 months ) so the day you will exit from the Saudi Arabia, from that date your 2 months will start and within next 2 months you have to enter into Saudi Arabia).
But if you apply for 2 months vocation and your Iqama validity is remaining only 75 days. in that case your 2 months vocation will not be considered from the exit date from Saudi Arabia. Your Exit Re-Entry Visa will be active from the date it is issued.

Check your Exit Re-Entry Visa Status

1 – Open the Muqeem Website (www.muqeem.sa).
2 – Change the Language into English (Top Left Corner)
3 – Under the Login Section at the end of the page you will see Visa Validity.
4 – Click on Visa Validity.
5 – In the next window Add your Iqama Number and Date of Birth in cross match section. (You have multiple options here if you don’t want to add Date of birth. We use Date of Birth in our demonstration )
6 – Add your Date of Birth from the calendar and click on check button.
7 – In the next window complete detail of your visa validity will be available.
8 – In case if there is no exit re-entry visa issues under your iqama number it will show you error or will appear”Invalid visa number or Visa not Valid “

Type: www.muqeem.sa in your browser
Select English
Select Visa Validity from the bottom of the page.
Write all the details as given
Check Exit Re-Entry By Absher Account

1 – Open the Absher Website (www.absher.sa)>
2 – Select Individual from the screen.
3 – Change the Language if Required.
4 – Login into your Account using Iqama Number and Password.
5 – Click on Inquiry button under my services.
6 – In the next window click on passport.
7 – Next Click on Exit/ Re-entry Visa Status.
8 – Next Window – Add your Iqama Number and Sponsor ID and Click on View Button.

Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa

In case by any reason you cancel the plan to travel out side kingdom you must cancel the exit re-entry visa. You can cancel the exit re-entry visa of your family by your Absher Account. But for your self you have to inform to your Sponsor/ Kafeel to cancel it. In case if you do not cancel and it get expire, you will have to pay 1000 SAR fine to cancel it. Without its cancellation you cannot get new exit re-entry visa for next time.

Exit Re-Entry Visa Fees

The fees depend upon the duration of the visa. For a 2-month duration visa, the fee is 200 Saudi Riyals.
For a 3 months duration, the cost is 300 riyals. If you are planning a vacation of 4 months, then the charges will be 400 riyals. The fee for 5 and 6 months exit re-entry visa is 500 and 600 riyals, respectively.
The maximum duration of the exit re-entry visa is 6 months. Therefore you have to return to KSA within 180 days.