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How to Check and Pay Traffic Violation Fine

To check traffic violations (Fines / Penalty / Mukhalfa) against your Iqama number in Saudi Arabia, there are several online methods. Further, you can also check the amount of penalty and the vehicle number.

1 – Open the Absher website (www.absher.sa)
2 – Login in to your Absher account using Iqama number and password.
3 – Scroll down, on the bottom of the page you can find (Traffic Violation Information) option . Select that.
4 – On the next page you can see the list of your paid and not paid violations.
5 – If there is no violation show in the not paid section. it means you don’t have any violation pending under your Iqama number. But if you think you got traffic camera flash few days ago but still its not shown in not paid section then re-check after one week. some times traffic police department update it in one or two weeks.
6 – Then click on more details to see the violation number – Your vehicle plate number – Violation location – Violation date.

How to Pay your Traffic Violation.

There are 2 solutions to pay traffic violation fine in Saudi Arabia.
1 – By internet banking account.
2 – By ATM machine.

By Internet Banking Account.

We are using Al-Rajhi bank internet banking account so we will explain you as per options available in Al-Rajhi banking account. But in other banks internet banking accounts procedure is almost same. Only you need to find where is SADAD payment option your internet banking account, after that next procedure will be almost same.

1 – Login to your Internet Banking account on Al Rajhi -Al Mubasher Website.
2 – Go to payment option on the top menu.
3 – Then select SADAD Option.
4 – In the next page select MOI payments.
5 – In the next page select Traffic Violations.
6 – Next – select transaction type “Payment”
7 – Application type “Query by Civilian ID
8 – Violator ID – Add “Iqama Number”
9 – Press Proceed Button.
10 – In the next window you can see the Violator ID – Violator Name – Fine Amount.
11 – Click on “Confirm” button to pay.

By Using ATM Machine

1 – Enter your ATM card and enter the PIN code.
2 – Select other options.
3 – Go to Government Payments
4 – Select MOI. (Ministry of Interior)
5 – Select Traffic Violation
6 – Enter Iqama Number and press proceed.
7 – you can see your name and violation amount here.
8 – Select Pay now.