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How to Change Mobile Number in Absher

when ever you are logging into your Absher account you receive a verification code on your mobile number which is registered in your Absher account. without this verification code you cannot enter into Absher account. In case if you lost your number or your registered mobile number has been closed by they company, in that case you need to change your mobile number in Absher account.

There are 2 scenarios
1- Old number still with you but you want to change number in Absher
2- Old number has lost, and you want to change your number in Absher

First Category : Old Number is With you.

1– Open Absher website on your Phone (www.absher.sa)
2 — Select individual from the front screen.
3 — Login to your account by use Iqama number and password.
4 — Select my account on the top left corner.
5 — Then Select User Information.
6 — In the next window you can see your exiting mobile details. Select edit button to change the mobile number.
7 — In the new opened add the new number and select save button
8 — Once you select save button you will receive a confirmation code on new mobile number, insert that code in the opened box. And select Ok

Your New Number is saved and for further use you will get login OTP and other messages on your new number.

Second Category : Old Number has lost

In this case you can update your number from Jawazat office or Absher KIOSK machines. Which is deployed in many places in every city. You can Check Absher KIOSK machines Location Here.

1– Go to any of these location.
2 –In the front screen select the Language (English ).
3 — Select (Update Mobile Number).
4 — Enter your Iqama Number.
5 — Then Machine ask you for finger print. put your right index finger on finger print detector.
6 — Then add new Number.
7 — You will get a confirmation code in new mobile number.
8 — Insert that code into Absher machine. and press OK.

Your new number has been added and for next time you will get your all SMS on new number.