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How to cancel traffic violation fine in Saudi Arabia

If you get a message from MOI for a traffic violation fine. And you believe that you are wrongly charged with traffic Violation in Saudi Arabia. You can challenge it and create a dispute for the cancellation of this traffic fine in Saudi Arabia.
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There are three conditions of registering traffic violation dispute.

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1 — Dispute can be register with in 30 days of the traffic violation in Saudi Arabia. you cannot challenge it more than 1 month has passed.
2 — You can challenge only if it is camera based fine. Camera of Signal or camera of over speeding or camera of Belt or camera of mobile phone detection while driving. But if police officer catch you and imposed fine. you cannot challenge it.
3 — If you already paid the fine amount, after paying you cannot register the dispute.
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Steps to Register the Dispute

1 — Open the Absher website ( www.absher.com)
2 — Select Individual from the screen.
3 — Login into your account using Iqama number and password.
4 — Select My Services.
5 — Then select Traffic.
6 — Then select dispute traffic violations.
Pictures are given to demonstrate.

7 — A new window will open where conditions of the disputes are given.
8 — Select Dispute Violation from this window.
9 — In the Next window you will see your Iqama Number, Fine Amount, Car Plate Number, Violation Description, City where the violation was registered. Violation Date & Time.
10 — In the same window you can find (Select the Dispute Reason.)
1 – I don’t own or rent a vehicle.
2 – I never visited this city or site during this time
3 – I never by pass this traffic light.
11 — Select any one of above three which describe your case and click on send dispute. Your Dispute is Submitted.
Pictures are given to demonstrate.