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How to Cancel Curfew Violation fine – 10,000 SAR

While checking your penalties on Absher account of your found that 10,000 SAR fine is imposed. You can request to authorities to cancel your fine by showing them a reason of your act.
During curfew you went out of the house for some strong reason, and we hope you must have proof of that ( For example if you went to hospital, you must have hospital receipt or doctor prescription ).To cancel the curfew violation fine you have to submit a strong proof to present.
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Here is to procedure to submit the request of Cancellation of fine.
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1 — Go to Absher website (www.absher.sa).
2 — Select Individual from the screen.
3 — Login into your account by using Iqama number and password.
4 — Select Services (in my services section).
5 — Select general services.
6 — Select Messages and Documents.
7 — Next in the “To” section select Arabic text “لجان النظر في مخالفات منع التجول” which means (Committees to consider curfews violations)
8 — Next in “services” section Select your Region, all 13 region names given in Arabic.
9 — Next in the “Subject Section ” write what issue you wanna discus for fine cancellation you can write (Curfew Violation Cancellation Request)
10 — Next in the “Message” section write the complete reason of your violation.
11 — In the attachment section. attach the scan copy of medical receipt / prescription or any other document you have.
12 — Select send… you file is submitted successfully.