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How to Buy STC/Jawwy Premium Numbers

STC / Jawwy Premium Numbers Jawwy is STC’s new mobile plan. It is entirely digital, operates via an app, and allows customers to customize, monitor, and manage their plans in real-time. You can now purchase Jawwy premium mobile numbers online. When you purchase a Jawwy premium number, you will also get 20GB of data, 3,000 local minutes, and unlimited social data which is valid for 30 days.

Jawwy offers premium mobile numbers in three different categories.
• Economy worth SR 343.85 (Including VAT)
• Special worth SR 690
• Bronze worth SR 2,875

You can purchase the above packages via the Jawwy website:
Additionally, the website allows you to conduct a search for specific phone numbers.
Once you’ve selected a Jawwy vanity number, you can choose either delivery to your specified address or pick-up at your nearest store.
The next step is to make the payment using one of the available payment methods.