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Highest Temperature in the World Today 50°+

2/8/2021 – Monday
The temperature in 13 Arab cities approached 50 degrees Celsius
Kuwait ranked 1st with 8 cities, according to the Eldorado Weather website, among the 15 highest cities in the world, while Iraq came in second place with 4 cities, followed by Saudi Arabia, Iran and Brazil, each with 

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1Jahra (Kuwait)49.9°C
2K.f.i.a. (King Fahad Int. Airport) Dammam (Saudi Arabia)49.8°C
3Sulaibiya (Kuwait)49.8°C
4Colinas Do Tocantins (Brazil)49.7°C
5Basrah-Hussen (Iraq)49°C
6Mitribah (Kuwait)48.9°C
7Abdaly (Kuwait)48.6°C
8Kuwait Internationalairport (Kuwait)48.6°C
9Al-Wafra (Kuwait)48.5°C
10Basrah Int. Airport (Iraq)48.5°C
11Khanaqin (Iraq)48.5°C
12Abadan (Iran)48.4°C
13Nuwasib (Kuwait)48.4°C
14Badrah (Iraq)48.2°C
15Experimental Farm (Kuwait)48.2°C

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