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Hair Dresser Are Not Allowed At Home

Public Security Department Said: As in the mid of march lock down was imposed on all barber shops as a precautionary measure against the spread of new corona virus. AT barber shops it was high risk to get infected because in a day 100’s of people go the shops and barber have very close contact with them. That;s why the decision was taken to close all barber shops for men and beauty saloon for women.
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In different area its been reported that some people contact barbers and bring them at home for hair cut. This act is completely prohibited and is a violation against the law and preventive measure was taken.
It can expose your health and health of your other family members health at home.
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Authorities will take strict actions against such cases. Being a responsible citizen if you found such violation you can report on 999 in all the regions in Saudi Arabia. Only for Mekkah region you can call on 911 to report such violations.
It will be a contribution against the fight of COVID-19 spread.
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