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Good News For Expats – Iqama Automatic Renewal – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Passport Office ( Jawazat) started automatically extending the residence permits (Iqama) of expats for period of 3 months without any charges. Iqama will be automatically renewed for every one no matter you are in Saudi Arabia or out site Saudi Arabia in your home country and due to restriction imposed on travel to combat the new corona virus you couldn’t manage to come back.

All the employees working in private commercial or industrial sector, if their iqama is going to expire between 18/3/2020 to 30/6/2020.

The extension will be for 3 additional months to match what has previously carried out by the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

The Passport office explained that employees don’t need to renew their residence permit (iqama) from Absher account as it was mentioned previously.
They explained that renewal of all residence permit (Iqamas) was done automatically without any fees. And text messages has sent via mobile to all expats those Iqamas was about to expire.