Global Corona-virus Cases Pass 3 Million

Global confirmed corona-virus cases surpassed 3 million today, as the United States neared 1 million cases, according to a Reuters tally. The 3 million confirmed infections in less than four months has been reported.

An average of 82,000 cases have been reported per day during last one week. 33% of all cases are in the United States, and over 43% have been recorded in Europe.

The death toll from the virus stood at more than 210,000 as Tuesday, and almost one in 13 reported cases of the disease has been fatal.
The United States of America has reported an average of more than 30,000 new cases a day in the past weeks.

Number of cases continue to rise faster than the global average in Latin America and Africa. Total cases in Mexico grew 7-10% a day in the past week, reaching 13,800, while cases in Brazil surpassed 60,000 on Sunday.