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Gathering of More than 5 person is not allowed

Ministry of Interior Announced the new Laws and procedures to follow to control the spread on new corona virus. and heavy penalties will be imposed for violating these laws.

1 — The purpose of regulation to impose social separation and to organize human gatherings that are a direct cause of the outbreak of new Corona virus.
2 — Gathering for more than one family, or any gathering consisting of “5” persons or more in one or specified space/house and not linked by one residential relationship.

3 — Gathering in all their forms, shapes, and locations of occurrence are prohibited. They include the following:
Family gatherings:  Gathering inside homes, rest houses or farms for
more than one family.
Non-family gatherings:  Gathering inside homes, rest houses, farms,
camps, or open areas for the residents of one neighborhood or others.
Gatherings at social events: Wedding events, parties, seminars,
salons, etc.
Labor gatherings: A gathering of workers in the houses or buildings
under construction, or rest houses, farms, etc., other than their
residence/labor camp.
Clusters in authorized shops: A gathering of shoppers or workers
inside or outside the commercial store in excess of the numbers
stipulated in the precautionary measures and preventive measures.

4 — Anyone who attends the gathering or arrange a gathering , will be considered in violation of the provisions of these regulations.
5 — Any update in precautionary and preventives measures and any geniality details will be published on social media.
6 — All individuals and entities from the public and private sectors must strictly follow the instructions related to health safety requirements and rules of social separation and prevent gatherings in all their forms.

7 — Anyone who knows of any gathering that violates the provisions of this law, must inform the competent authority of the place of its occurrence, on the toll-free number (999) in all regions of the Kingdom except for Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, so the notification will be on the number (911).