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Fraud Internet SIM Cards in Saudi Arabia

Never ever buy sim cards from outside stalls in public places in Saudi Arabia, They will attract the people by giving free sim or ask them to pay very little money. One of our blog reader shared his whole experience on this matter, read it from below.
Hi, I am Alvin, a Filipino resident in Jeddah, I am shocked to see on CITC Website that 11 sims on my iqama number.
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4 Mobily SIM cards and 6 Zain Sim Card and 1 STC SIM which is in my use. I went to the nearest Mobily center, I explained them, I found 4 post paid sims of Mobily on my name, which are not mine at all. I pay 250 SAR to cancel these SIM card from my Iqama.

He took my iqama and gave me details of 4 post paid sims, In which there was a bill of 250 Saudi riyals, He tell me to pay it, in order to cancel it, every month it will be increased, if you did not pay it. I refused, he said its on your id, you are the responsible to pay it, without paying the amount we cannot able to cancel them, If you will not pay, you will be stopped at airport while going on exit, I paid it with my sad face.

Then I went to Zain customer care center, After waiting for one hour, I got my token number, He said there are 6 post paid sim cards with your iqama number. In order to cancel it you need to pay the bill of 85 Saudi riyals. I tell I did not use it, He said its upto you, You want to pay or not but you will be stopped at airport when ever you go back as it is on your identity.

We suggest every one not to buy internet SIM or any other calling prepaid or post paid SIM from any stall sitting in malls or streets. Some guys are doing promotions for selling SIM cards on internet if you contact them, they will come to your place and take your finger prints, never buy from them. Once you give them your ID and finger prints, they will issue many SIM’s on your name and then will start selling in black.