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Flights Operation for Saudi Arabia| Extension of Iqama

As it was expected earlier that after Hajj 2021 & Eid Al-Adha probably Saudi Arabia will resume flight operation for banned countries. Because Earlier government extended Visas & Iqamas till 30-July-2021.

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But Yesterday Night Saudi Jawazat announced that Validity of iqamas of expatriates and their Exit Re_entry visas will be extended again automatically till 31-Aug-2021. Jawazat announced the extension will be without any fees and any financial compensation .

The Minister of Finance issued an order in this regard as part of the continuous efforts undertaken by the Saudi government in tackling the effects and consequences of COVID-19. It is also part of the preventive measures that guarantee the safety of citizens and residents and contribute to mitigating its economic and financial effects.

Jawazat confirmed that the extension of the validity of visas will be carried out automatically and that is in cooperation with the National Information Center without the need to visit any Jawazat offices in this respect.