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Flight Schedule is updated to return to KSA from August

Civil Aviation Confirms that there is no specific date announced for international flights resumption. Earlier Saudi Arabian Airlines has started booking from different countries to Saudi Arabia once again on their website. Its not officially announced yet by the government. But as from last 2 month there is no booking schedule shown on any of Saudi Arabian airline website. But yesterday once again Saudi Airline, Flynas and Air Arabia update their website and showing flight schedule from start of august and for some countries from mid-august and September.
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Initially flights schedule was shown on the website during full lockdown and customers complains that they bought the ticket and now they need to refund, so all the airlines remove the whole schedule from their websites. But now from yesterday these 3 airlines publish their flights schedule again for many countries starting from august and September.

Officially flight operation resumption is not announced yet, we are sharing the information according to the schedule updated and appear again on these airlines official sites. Hopefully soon government will announce officially. As it was said earlier by an official on a media channel that government is planning to open international flights operation soon.