Filipino Nationals need to Pay Extra Amount For “PhilHealth”

Philippine Health Insurance cooperation (PhilHealth) issued a new statement that reminds Filipino Expats that there health care charges are increase.
From this year Filipinos working abroad need to pay 3% of their monthly income for PhilHealth Coverage.

If you are living in Abroad you will have to send number of documents vie email (ofp@philhealth
– Two valid IDs
– Proof of employment or income, which can be any of the following:
– Overseas employment certificate (OEC)
– Valid employment contract
– Valid working visa or entry permit 
– Valid company ID issued by your employer

If I don’t pay the PhilHealth contribution?

Under the Philippine universal health care, overseas Filipinos are classified as direct contributor therefore payment and remittance of premium contributors is mandatory.
Once they return home for vocation or for other purpose, their PhilHealth payment record shall appear when their documents are checked prior to there departure from Philippine to go back to the country where they work.If their Payments are missed, the expat should settle them first before he/she will be allowed to travel.