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Family Visit Visa Extension 2020

The permitted period to stay in Saudi Arabia cannot increase for more than 180 days. This means that if you have a visit visa for 3 months duration, then you can renew it once for 3 months. Similarly, if the visa issued has a validity of 1 month, then it can be renewed for 5 more times, each renewal will be for one month. So the total stay will not increase more than 180 days. For 1 year Visa maximum duration of stay in KSA is 180 days which need to be extended after first 90 days for further 90 days. But after 180 days you will have to leave the country and you can come back any time. But currently due to corona pandemic it is allowed to extend visa up to 270 without leaving Saudi Arabia. Procedure and duration of extension
will be same as above mention ratio.
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Requirements to Apply for Visa Extension

1 — At the time of the visa extension, the remaining validity of the visit visa should be less than a week. Or within 3 days after its expiry.
3 — Pay the family visit visa extension fee 100 SAR before applying for an extension by any bank account.
4 — The visitor should be present in Saudi Arabia.
5 — The passport of the visitor should be valid. If it has expired, then Absher will not extend the visa.
6 — The visitor must be alive.
7 — If the visitor has any traffic violation, then pay it before applying for the extension.
8 — The visitor must have valid health insurance. If the insurance has expired, renew it and then apply for the family visit visa extension.

Procedure to Apply for Visa Extension

1 — Open the Absher Website Click here to visit the www.absher.sa for login.
2 — Click on Individual and then login by using Iqama number and Password.
3 — Click on ‘Family Member Services’. And select (Extend Visit Visa)
4 — The service will start. All the requirements of VISA extensions are given. 5 — You can see the maximum duration of stay is given 270 days which is because of Corona Pandemic. Otherwise more than 180 days stay in kingdom is not allowed.  Just click on Next.
6 — On the next page, the list of visitors will appear. Select the visitors and click on ‘Proceed’
7 — This service will auto choose the extension period based on your visa type.
8 — Now recheck the details and confirm the request
9 — The final page will open with the following message “The said visit visa (VV) is extended successfully.