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Fake news Given by Western Media About Saudi Royal Family- New York Times

The whole world is fighting against the pandemic of COVID-19. Every one is struggling and taking preventive measure, imposing curfews to limit the person to person contact to control the spread of of this deadly virus.

People are getting sick, people are dying because of the pandemic. In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the Government is taking preventive measures like no where else in the world.
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In all this situation, western media centers and news channels are spreading fake news about about Saudi Royal Family just to spread the panic. They Said The senior Saudi Prince, The Governor of Riyadh “Prince Faisal Bin Bender Bin Abdul Aziz” is admitted in Hospital and is in Intensive Care with the corona Virus.
They also Said dozens of other Royal Family members are also infected by corona-virus and doctors at elite hospital that treats Royal Family members as many as 500 beds for other Royal members and those are close to them.

New York Times publish this news without any prove. Usually Media Channels when reveal some information they must share the prove or souse of information. But as always New York Times is just giving false information and spreading panic in people. They are doing all this just for high rating.
After New York Times Publish this New’s. Saudi Information Ministry declare it a fake news. And one of Saudi Generalist who is always covering the daily activities of Governor of Riyadh tweet that Governor is fine and he in his home and monitoring work matters in Riyadh.
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New York Times and other western medias are always publishing fake information without prove and also trying to spread the Panic in western Countries. As it was said by American President.

President Trump Tweet about New York Times