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Fahas (MVPI) in Saudi Arabia – Complete Procedure

Fahas is a certificate which allows that the vehicle is good to drive on the road. Fahas certificate is important to ensure your safety and safety of other drivers on the road. When ever your Fahas is expired you need to renew it, without if you get checked while driving penalty will be imposed on you.

Steps for Fahas (MVPI) Procedure.

1 — Check Fahas Expiry date, it can be checked from previous Fahas certificate or from the Fahas Sticker on your car windshield. If it is expired or about to expire.
2 — Go to nearest Fahas Center.
3 — Fahas Center are only closed on Friday and working hours are from 7:00 am to 4:00 PM and on Saturday 7:00 am to 2:00 PM.
4 — You will have to pay 73 SAR fees on the counter while entering inside the inspection area.
5 — Your Istamara and Iqama will be checked on the counter.
6 — Counter staff will provide you receipt and paper for inspection.
7 — Now enter inside inspection area.
8 — Staff will take the paper from you and you will have to leave your car.
9 — First Physical examine of the car will be performed to check if there is any failure of Light – Indicator – wipers – horn and any major damage on the vehicle body.
10 — Next car balancing will be checked.
11 — Then car will be check from beneath for any major defect or Oil leakage from the engine of the car.
12 — If all checks passed from the next counter you will get the new sticker for your car and the Fahas (MVPI) certificate procedure is completed.

But if your Car couldn’t pass the Fahas.

13 — In case of failure of Fahas (MVPI) test, officer will explain you about all the issues in your car and he will also provide you a document mentioned with all failures in it.
14 — Go to any workshop outside the Fahas center.
15 — Show them the paper of all failures you get from Fahas center to fix all the issues mentioned in that paper.
16 — Once all the issues are solved, go to Fahas center again for re inspection.
17 — Follow the same procedure again but this time you will have to pay 24 SAR only to re-examine the car.
18 — this time your call will be re-inspected only for the failures detected in earlier inspection.
19 — Once every thing is fine, you will get the sticker from the next counter. And Fahas (MVPI) of your car is completed.