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Extend the Period of Exit and Re-Entry Visas Free of Charge

Bases on efforts of the custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Bin Saud to deal with effects of global pandemic COVID-19 and to take the precautionary measures that guarantee the safety of citizens and expatriates and to implement the Royal orders:
COVID-19 cases could reach up to 200,000 in coming weeks – Health Minister – Saudi Arabia

The Passport offices has started extending the period of validity of the use of exit and re-entry visas for 3 months without any additional charges.

The extension include the expatriate in commercial and industrial sector inside the Kingdom whose Exit Re-entry visas were not used due to suspension of flight operations.
The Jawazat’s new clarification came as a follow up of its earlier announcement in which it had announced that the issue of extending exit and reentry visas for those outside the Kingdom would be resolved by a committee that was created to examine the matter.
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Passport office stated that extension is done automatically from system without visiting passport office as previous routine. The beneficiaries can enter into their Absher account and can see that extension has been made in their account automatically.

It was announced previously to cancel the exit and re-entry visas to avoid any fine applied. But you don’t need to cancel it because Ministry already extend it for 3 months

The information is share by Saudi Press Agency.