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End of Service Benefits Calculator in Saudi Arabia

End of Service Benefits (ESB) will be admissible after 2 years of service with the same employer, at the rate of half-a-month wage for each of the first five years, and one-month wage for each of the subsequent years of service beyond five years.
If a worker resigns, their entitlement to the ESB is at a rate of 1/3rd of the award for service between 2 and 5 years. 2/3rd award for service between 5 and 10 years and full award for service of 10 years or more.

End of Service Reward Calculation can be done by visiting the Ministry o Human Resources and Social Developments portal.
To access the End of Service Benefits calculator, visit the link below:

1 — Open the Above Link.
2 — Select the type of contract ( Fixed or Unlimited)
3 — Add your Gross Salary.
4 — How many years you work with this company. ( Years – Months – Days)
5 — The reason to Leave the company ( This Part is in Arabic) you can select the following : انتهاء مدة العقد أو باتفاق الطرفين انتهاء العقد