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Employee Contract Conditions 2021

Employer’s or Sponsor’s Responsibility on Expatriate Employees in Saudi Arabia (Article 40 of Saudi Labor Law) :

1 — The Employer in Saudi Arabia is responsible for the cost of recruiting new employees and expatriates into the country.
2 — The cost of residence permit and work permit for expatriate employee should be bear by employer or sponsor.
3 — The cost of Renewal of residence permits and work permits (iqamas) is the duty of the employer. Including fines of late renewals.
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4 — The employer is responsible for the cost of changing occupation on iqama, exit re entry visas and the cost of return tickets of employees after the termination of the contract.
5 — In case the employee is not eligible for work or he wish to return without specific reason, the employee itself responsible for the cost of ticket.

6 — The new employer is responsible for transfer expenses if the employee wishes to transfer his sponsorship to the new employer.
7 — An employer shall be responsible for the cost of preparing the body of a deceased worker and transporting it to the location of the worker or where the worker recruited with the approval of his family.